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Learn OneNote 2024 – Best OneNote Courses & Best OneNote Tutorials

Best OneNote Courses 2021


Best OneNote Tutorials 2021

Microsoft OneNote Like a Boss. The Definitive Course.

Need to organize your thoughts? Don’t you ever want to hunt down that piece of paper?

Say hello to Microsoft OneNote. (And to OneNote like a boss.)

Join author, Microsoft Certified Trainer and bestselling Udemy instructor Brian Culp for a comprehensive OneNote overview that takes students from beginner to guru with Microsoft’s note-taking and thought-catching software. Microsoft OneNote Like a Boss includes around 8 hours of video instruction delivered in 100 separate small-sized lessons, which makes it perfect for learning the app from scratch or reviewing / refreshing a specific skill.

Students will quickly move from the fundamentals of OneNote to the secrets of the pros as they learn:

creation and management of notebooks

management of layout options

stay organized with to-do lists

inserting screen clips and images

recording audio and video notes

creating links to files and other notepad pages

search for content in and between notebooks

recovery of notes on multiple devices

Better yet, you will learn by doing.

Starting with a blank notebook and then following the hands-on exercises, students will create an actual workbook that can be customized as needed. Additionally, students will be better prepared to use one of the many OneNote templates as a starting point.

There’s nothing to lose except that brilliant idea you jotted down on a Post-It (and can’t find).

After you complete OneNote like a boss, you can use OneNote to organize your lessons, ideas, or family cookbook. In addition, you will be able to share these notes with your colleagues or family quickly and easily. Best of all, you’re still covered by Udemy’s refund policy.

So: If you’re ready for an eye-opening experience of discovering the true potential of OneNote, please sign up today. Because whether you’re taking notes with a keyboard or your finger, sharing that great inspiration with a colleague, or just never want to lose another handwritten note again, OneNote can be the perfect tool for organizing notes on devices.

You will learn:
You will gain confidence while navigating the OneNote interface
How to enter notes, then change formatting, alignments, and grouping
How to create handwritten notes using a pen or your finger
How to insert images and screen clips into notes
Secure your laptops with password protection
Use audio and video to record a conference or take a voice memo
Organize notes, pages and sections and search for content in your notebook
Use notes that link to external data sources such as Word, Excel, or Outlook
Use OneNote a search tool to discover more information about a note
Dozens of time-saving secrets, tips and tricks from power users

Microsoft 365 OneNote Online – Beginner

OneNote Online, part of the Microsoft 365 application suite, is a free-form note-taking app for everything from basic notes to drawings, links, and embedded files. A OneNote notebook contains pages and sections, similar to a multi-topic notebook. All work is saved automatically, so there is no need to save to OneNote. Students learn to navigate and create notebooks and will work with adding content such as text, images, web content, tables, embedded objects, and more to OneNote Online notebooks. Additionally, students will learn how to share and print OneNote Online notebooks.

This IAAP certification counts as 0.75 recertification points towards the CAP certification in the Technology and Information Distribution content area.

Learn Microsoft OneNote 2016 the Easy Way

Learn how to effectively use OneNote 2016 to create and manage notes and organize your information with this easy-to-take course. 6 hours of professionally produced videos, with exercise and instructor demo files included.

Practice what you learn with the included exercise files.

6 full hours of professional video instruction.

46 easy-to-follow how-to videos.

Everything explained step by step for a quick understanding.

Find out how to use the OneNote interface.

Organize your notes and other information in a virtual garbage drawer.

Learn how to create and manage notes.

Find out how to efficiently insert images, screen clippings, and OCR.

Track your learning to handwriting in OneNote.

Learn about the benefits of using tables to help organize your information.

Find out how to protect your notes.

Immerse yourself in spell check and auto correction options.

Learn how to tag your notes and find them.

Integrate notes with Microsoft Outlook.

Practice with the OneNote 2016 bonus exercises.

In today’s information-driven world, managing your information effectively is crucial. This OneNote 2016 course is for beginners new to OneNote 2016. Prepare to learn how to turn your notes, files, recordings, clippings, screenshots, and more into a virtual junk mail drawer with easy access to everything. moment.

Content and overview

Your Microsoft Certified Professional Trainer will show you how to effectively use OneNote 2016. Find out how to navigate the OneNote 2016 interface, including using Backstage view.

Get helpful techniques for creating new notes, in addition to managing your notes.

Learn how to use OneNote to manage various types of information that you think is important to store, including pictures, screen clippings, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) information, audio and video recordings, and more.

Continue as you learn how to search and find the information you need as your instructor teaches you hands-on tagging and searching techniques.

Find out how to share your notes with other people and how to protect your notes.

With this informative course, you will learn the skills you need to use OneNote 2016 effectively, efficiently, and competently.

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