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Best PHPUnit Tutorials 2021

PHPUnit in 2021 – Unit & Selenium Testing For PHP Developers

Welcome to the brand new PHPUnit (testing framework for PHP) and Selenium for PHPUnit course. PHPUnit is a code testing tool written in PHP language. And Selenium is a web browser automation tool that we will use in this course to test application interfaces. You will learn not only unit testing, but also what integration, functional and acceptance testing is. Particular emphasis will be placed on php unit tests.

Code testing is very important. Here are the most important advantages:

you don’t waste time as a web developer for manual testing in a web browser

you find errors in the code faster

moreover, by mastering PHPUnit you will begin to write testable code (you will learn in the course what untestable code is!)

and your code will be easier to maintain, that is, it will be easier to adapt it to the changes you might need

In short: if you are new to phpunit, you will simply be a better PHP programmer after completing this course. PHPUnit is a very important skill and if you are looking for a job as a PHP developer this will increase your chances of getting hired.

During the course, we will discuss the most important aspects of PHPUnit and Selenium for PHPUnit on practical examples with practical coding, such as assertions, data providers, mocks and others (see the syllabus for more information) . You will also learn how to test API clients.

The most interesting part of this course is to create from scratch a real MVC based application in PHP and PHPUnit using the TDD – Test Driven Development approach. This is an application for managing product categories at multiple levels – which is not easy to implement. PHPUnit will be particularly useful here. It will be a very comprehensive TDD – not only unit testing, but we will also be testing the user interface of this app using Selenium WebDriver. The HTML template for this app built using the Zurb Foundation Framework will be available for download (not because I think it’s the best, only the template for this particular app was the easiest to create with Zurb). We will be coding the backend from scratch using Slim Microframework for PHP. We will also be using a great package from Laravel called illuminate / database for Laravel Eloquent ORM, which makes database operations very easy.

You will learn:

You will become familiar with different types of test code
You will learn PHPUnit
You will learn Selenium for PHPUnit
You will write testable code
You will write maintainable code
You’ll find bugs faster in your code
You will save your time by performing rapid automated tests
You will be able to write rapid automated tests for PHP applications
You will practice PHPUnit knowledge by doing quizzes, coding exercises, etc.
You will build from scratch a real world application in PHP using the Test Driven Development (TDD) approach
You will learn how to test API clients using PHPUnit & Guzzle

Object Oriented PHP & TDD with PHPUnit from Scratch

As a PHP developer, it won’t take long to realize that there are dozens of outdated tutorials and articles out there on the internet, if you want to learn how to write better code with fewer bugs, you will need to know how to write clean and object oriented. code and unit tests.

This course is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible with test-driven development with object-oriented PHP and PHPUnit without any dependencies. We’ll quickly cover the basics of OOP, and then dive into some of the more advanced features of the language. Don’t be fooled by other courses that teach you only basic and outdated things!

This is the only course on Udemy that will teach you test-driven development in object-oriented PHP and PHPUnit. This course will give you plenty of opportunities to get started on your own and start working on your own programs.

In this course you will:

Understanding Object Oriented PHP

Learn Test Driven Development (TDD)

Learn how and why you should use the Dependency Inversion Principle and Dependency Injection

Implement common design patterns using PHP

Build a database wrapper with support for PDO and MySQLi

Know when to use basic language features

PHP Unit Testing with PHPUnit

If you are a PHP developer and want to learn how to write better code, with fewer bugs, you will need to know how to write unit tests.

Learn how to test the unity of your PHP code using the PHPUnit testing framework.

Find out what unit testing is

Learn how to write unit tests using PHPUnit

Building a test suite for PHP functions and classes

Make test methods dependent on each other

Using test doubles: mocks and stubs, including how to use Mockery

Learn how and why you should use dependency injection

Learn Test Driven Development (TDD)

Learn how to test protected and private methods and properties (and whether or not you should!)

Learn how to test abstract classes

A skill that will allow you to write better quality code, in less time, with better documentation and fewer bugs.

Learning how to write unit tests for your code will help you write better code. With automated testing, you can find bugs more easily, and if you break something, you’ll notice it immediately.

Many experienced developers write unit tests for their code. This is a repeatable way to verify that the code is working as expected and also serves as documentation. Many popular PHP projects are unit tested, such as WordPress and Moodle, and if you’re using frameworks like Laravel or Symfony, these provide tight integration with the PHPUnit testing framework.

Content and overview

How are you currently testing your code? Maybe you are running your code in a browser, using var_dump a lot, and so on. The problem with this is that you just tend to test the new code – you don’t go back and test the old code. What if you add new code that breaks the old code?

With automated unit testing, you have more control. If your new code breaks something, you’ll notice it immediately. You can fix bugs more easily, reducing development time.

Tests are also a form of documentation, just like comments: they are used to show why the code was written this way.

Suitable for all PHP developers, you will start by learning the basics of unit testing PHP code, including how to use assertions.

Next, you will learn how to test functions and classes, and how to configure the PHPUnit framework.

Next, you will learn how to use test dependencies, fixtures, and how to test for exceptions.

You will also see how the test doubles work – mock objects and stub methods.

Next, you’ll learn how to write code using test-driven development – writing the tests first, then the code.

You will also learn how to test protected and private class methods and properties, and whether this is actually a good idea or not.

Testing static methods is covered in detail, including several methods for dealing with static dependencies.

When you complete the course, you will be able to write unit tests for your existing PHP code and develop new code using test-driven development.

Best PHPUnit Books 2021


Bestseller No. 1
The Grumpy Programmer's PHPUnit Cookbook
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Hartjes, Chris (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 106 Pages - 12/14/2014 (Publication Date)
Bestseller No. 2
Phpunit Cookbook
  • Bergmann, Sebastian (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 300 Pages - 09/22/2013 (Publication Date) - Oreilly & Associates Inc (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 3
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Bestseller No. 4
PHPUnit Pocket Guide: Test-Driven Development in PHP
  • Amazon Kindle Edition
  • Bergmann, Sebastian (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 102 Pages - 09/29/2005 (Publication Date) - O'Reilly Media (Publisher)
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Bestseller No. 7
The PHP Workshop: Learn to build interactive applications and kickstart your career as a web...
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  • Busuioc, Alexandru (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 606 Pages - 10/31/2019 (Publication Date) - Packt Publishing (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 8
Instant Hands-on Testing with PHPUnit How-to
  • Lively, Michael (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 82 Pages - 05/23/2013 (Publication Date) - Packt Publishing (Publisher)
Bestseller No. 9
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