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Learn Russian 2024 – Best Russian Courses & Best Russian Tutorials

Best Russian Courses 2021


Best Russian Tutorials 2021

Complete Russian Language course for Beginners A1

Want to go from a prior knowledge of Russian – overwhelmed and confused about where to start – to speaking Russian at an advanced level, able to seamlessly form complex sentences with great confidence?

You wouldn’t read this any other way. Here is the good news …

You’ve just come across the most comprehensive and in-depth Russian course online. These comprehensive lectures cover everything you will need.

Whether you want:

– start speaking Russian

– get ready for a trip to Russia

– broaden your useful skill set

– become a polyglot

– doing business with Russians

… this complete Russian course is exactly what you need, and more. (You’ll even get a Certificate of Completion to add to your arsenal).

Why is this course so great? It covers everything you need to speak Russian in no time:

Russian alphabet
How to introduce yourself
Russian ethics and traditions
Often used Russian phrases
Numbers and time
Days, months and seasons
Family and professions
Countries, capitals and languages
Russian cuisine
Leisure and sport
Russian cases
How to survive at the airport and at the hotel
Go from basic to complex conversations

This Russian language course includes:

45 conferences
45 grammar summaries
45 exercises
4.5 hours of video content
certificate of completion
lifetime access

Basic Russian with Alphabet, Reading, Writing, Flashcards!

Part 1 of the Complete Course on Russian Phonics, Reading, Cursive Writing and Vocabulary for Beginners and Advanced Learners.

In the following seven conferences, you will:

Explore the simple diagram for learning the Russian alphabet.
Do some cursive writing. (Be aware that although many teachers think you can skip cursive writing, not knowing that it will create problems if you want to advance in your studies.)
Develop the necessary routine and intuition in the reading and pronunciation of Russian letters.
Learn some Russian words, which you might know from English
Learn new vocabulary with flashcards
This course covers basic concepts of the Russian language and you do not need any prior knowledge or additional material to complete it.

Conversational Russian for beginners

Learn the basics of Russian grammar and use it in everyday conversations

Learn Russian grammar to build the sentences you want

Learn the Russian case system;
Learn Russian nouns, adjectives, adverbs, numbers, pronouns and verbs;
Build sentences based on well-explained grammar rules;
Check your knowledge with over 400 exercises;
Learn modern Russian vocabulary of over 2000 words;
Learn useful phrases;

Speak Russian today! This course will teach you to read and speak the Russian language. By starting with the names, step by step, you will learn how to build your first sentences and sentences. Over 5 hours of self-explanatory video lessons, PDF material with a brief summary of the video lessons and over 400 exercises (over 2000 sentences

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