Welcome to issue 188.

This week we use the React Profiler, see the Redux Toolkit, create React blog with Netlify and more!


Measure Performance with the New React Profiler Component

Chidume Nnamdi tells us how.


How to explain Redux to a 5-year-old

Netanel Vaknin explains.


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How to build a Fullscreen Slider with React Hooks

Ibrahima Ndaw shows the process.


How to Style Your React Components

Ben Honeywill details the process.


Getting Started with React, When You’re an Angular Developer

Grecea Bianca walks through the process.


Create react based blog using Netlify CMS and Gatsby

Ranvir Singh explains.



A modern way to do a classic thing.



Beautiful immersive React.js hero animations.



Animated hamburger icons.


redux-toolkit 1.3.0

New createAsyncThunk and createEntityAdapter APIs, Immer 6.0, smaller bundle sizes.

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