Welcome to issue 215.

This week we use React Service Workers, create React Konami code, use Async React Query and more!


Learn Gatsby

Get started with the hottest React Framework!


Free React resources you should have in your pocket

Jane Tracy lists them.


21 React Example Projects to Learn From

Syakir Rahman tells us more.


Persisting State in React Apps

Giovanni Benussi explains.


Using Service Workers with create-react-app

Shaumik Daityari lays it out.


Creating the Konami Code as React Hook

Joel Thoms shows how.


A Quick Breakdown of A Modern React App

Nikhil Bhaskar breaks it down.


How to Build a Pokédex App with React and Slash GraphQL

Tyler Hawkins walks us through.


The Ultimate Guide to Web Performance

Ender Minyard lists them.


Asynchronous data fetching using React Query

Sooraj shows how.


Increase Performance of React Applications Via Array JavaScript Methods

Mandar Waghe details the process.

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