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Welcome to issue 187.

This week we build a Windows 95 theme Pokédex with React, write reusable React Components, use React Testing Libraries and more!


Eden Ella gives tips for building reusable and shareable React components.


Chidume Nnamdi gives top favorite tools for monitoring and optimizing React components.


Spend this downtime bettering yourself!


Get the developer job you’ve always wanted!


Robert Soriano shows how he built it.


Ibrahima Ndaw lists them.


Adán Carrasco gives them.


Narender Saini lists them.


Nathan Sebhastian gets us started with Postgres + React.


Zain Sajjad gives some debugging techniques.


Uzochukwu Eddie Odozi’s epic guide.


Tips for Organizing React Projects

Chris Achard gives some quick tips.

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