Welcome to issue 269!

This week we use React pagination, implement React feature flags, build a React code editor and more!

Best React course in Oct 2021!

Pagination in React

Damilola Jerugba uses custom usePagination() hook.

5 Tips Every React Developer Should Know

Tapajyoti Bose lists them.

How to implement feature flags in React

Geshan Manandhar shows how.

React Native — Integrating third-party libraries

Tarun Trehan tells us more.

How I created & deployed my first full stack web application in just 4 days

Tarun Sharma lays it out.

Building a React code editor and syntax highlighter from scratch

Madars Bišs builds it out.

Stop using loading spinners

Fernando Rojo has had enough.

Ethereum blockchain development using Web3.js

Akash Mittal uses Ethereum + Web3.

Introduction to styled-components

David Asaolu tells us more.

The complete guide to internationalization in Next.js

Ivan Vlatkovic gives a detailed guide.

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