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Welcome to issue 77.

This week we take a look at the latest features in React 16.3, check out React’s Context API, use React Conditional rendering, write Ethereum apps and much more!


Bartosz Szczeciński gives a tour of the latest features in React 16.3 .


Kent C. Dodds tells us all about React Context API.


Learn Ethereum Development: Build Ethereum blockchain applications.

Get started with Ethereum Blockchain Development.


Rajat Saxena helps beginners learn React.js.


Alex Moldovan takes a closer look at React patterns.


Flavio Copes quickly guides beginners through Redux.


Donavon West shows how to use Ternaries and Logical AND in React.


Gergor serves up a tasty introduction to GraphQL.


Luca Matteis uses Statecharts to descrobe Redux behaviour.


Nader Dabit implements multi factor authentication in React Native applications.


Donavon West explains the red flags to look for when reviewing a React/JavaScript project.

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