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Learn Adalo 2024 – Best Adalo Courses & Best Adalo Tutorials

Best Adalo Courses 2021


Best Adalo Tutorials 2021

Learn Adalo – Build an Instagram Clone

In this course, you will create an Instagram clone with uploading photos, profile pages, comments, messages, notifications, and search features! The best way to learn Adalo is to pick an app that already exists and try to make a copy of it. Let you make your own applications! The principles you learn in this course will give you a framework to build almost any application you can imagine in Adalo. You don’t need any coding experience, and if you can use a computer, you can build an app!

You will learn:
Adalo Builder, database and actions
Create simple and well-labeled databases
Put user experience at the forefront
Recognize the possibilities and limitations of Adalo
Practice design and layout skills
Create working links between databases and visuals
Show the benefits of actions, visibility rules, and filtering.

Launch an App Without Code – Build your MVP in 1 day

This is the most concise hands-on course on Udemy on how to build a mobile app without writing code. Condensed in 2 hours, you will learn how to go from idea to launch on iOS and Android.

You don’t have to be a software engineer or spend a lot of money to create an MVP in 1 day and validate your startup or feature idea with real users. This will allow you to learn, iterate and improve your product quickly, according to the lean startup approach.

You will learn all the essential steps to start a product-based business:

Validate an idea

Build a website with Canva & Carrd

Setting up a CRM for email marketing with Airtable , Mailchimp and Gmail

Wireframing and UX / UI prototyping with Figma

Design and create a mobile application with Adalo

Activate payments with Stripe

Integration of analyzes to analyze user behavior with Mixpanel

Automate workflows with Zapier

You will learn about the latest and most popular no-code tools that allow you to quickly create something on your own. At the end of the course, you will be able to launch your own app on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Get practical advice and first-hand information from your instructor Sebastian, who has experience in starting multiple businesses online.

You’ll also have access to our community of creators, where you can share your work and get valuable feedback.

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