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Ultimate Google Cloud Certifications: All in one Bundle (4)

This course is not intended for lazy learners – The course covers full coverage of Google Cloud Platform and students need a very long focus / attention to complete. The course does not assume that you have knowledge of Google Cloud Platform or any cloud platform. We cover almost everything on GCP to become a “Hero” regardless of your current understanding of GCP (this can be zero, beginner or intermediate)

You will learn:

Beginner to advanced – I would say zero to hero Google Cloud Platform
Become a master in Google Cloud Platform
Prepare for Google Cloud Certifications – Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect, Cloud Developer, Data Engineer, Cloud Network Engineer – TBD.
Save time preparing for multiple Google Cloud certification exams.

Single course prepares you for the 4 certifications:

Associate cloud engineer
Professional cloud architect
Professional cloud developer
Professional Cloud Data Engineer – expected in December 2020
Professional DevOps Engineer – expected in June 2021

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Fundamentals for Beginners

Are you new to Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? Do you need to learn the basics of the main GCP services? If so, this course is for you! This course is the perfect resource to start your GCP journey. GCP is one of the fastest growing cloud platforms in the industry. This course aims to provide a comprehensive overview of GCP. From the basics such as compute, storage, and networking to advanced services, this course introduces you to key concepts and then shows you how to start being productive. Each section includes a hands-on demonstration of one of the main services. You’ll also learn about use cases and scenarios for some of Google Cloud’s most important services. This course is carefully designed to help beginners familiarize themselves with GCP. Topics covered include:

Overview of GCP
Essential building blocks
Storage room
Identity management
Additional services
Data base
Data and Analytics
Artificial intelligence and machine learning
DevOps and development tools
Business services

You will learn

Take the first step in your GCP readiness journey
Explore GCP building blocks
Understand the main GCP services
Learn how to use GCP compute, storage, and networking services
Identify the value proposition of core GCP services
Choose the right GCP service for your use case and business scenario
Apply identity and access management concepts to secure GCP projects

Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer Course [2019 Update]

The core components of GCP are required to pass the Data Engineers Exam using a real-world applications approach. All of the labs in this course show you the techniques used by big data engineers on the GCP. The course is simplified to allow you to pass the GCP Data Engineers certification. Therefore, this is the most effective course to learn more about GCP if you want to fully understand GCP products and intend to become a Certified Data Engineer in the future. The course is simplified to less than 5 hours! Learn all about GCP in a weekend or in a day!

You will learn:

Understand the main components of GCP, why and when to use its products
Connect to GCP VMs using SSH
Create a dataset using BigQuery
Repeat the BigQuery command in Datalab and draw a graph
Dashboard in Datastudio
Machine learning and AI fundamentals
Applying GCP Products in Real World Applications

Infrastructure solutions will be presented for various use cases as you learn the most while solving real world problems! Theory and practice will be placed to aim to pass the Data Engineers Exam in the shortest possible time. During the exam, most questions will be about the why and not the how. For example, you will be hard pressed to find a question that asks you to choose the right snippet from the 3 snippets.

The course is divided into sections as below:

Introduction – Explore the questions, Why Cloud, Why GCP, GCP’s main differentiators / main selling points, set up your free GCP account

Compute Engine – Introducing Compute Engine and Pricing Innovations, Zones and Regions, Different Machine Types, and Convenience to Run and Access VMs via SSH, Mac and Windows Supported

Storage Solutions – Introducing GCP’s data storage solutions, including Cloud Storage, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Spanner, Cloud SQL, BigQuery, and BigTable. We’ll compare these storage solutions against each other and explain use cases where one storage solution will excel over another.

IAM and billing – Different types of members, roles and permissions, resource hierarchy and billing process

BigQuery – BigQuery Pricing Structure, Tips for Lowering Processing Costs, Partitioned and Generic Tables, Allowed Views, Practices in BigQuery Using Standard SQL

Cloud Datalab – How to Conveniently Use Cloud Datalab with a BigQuery Live Stream to Explore the Dataset.

Cloud Pub / Sub – Pub / Sub concepts and its components, in particular the decoupling and uses of Pub / Sub

Hadoop & Dataproc – Overview of hadoop and the main components that will be tested during the exam

Cloud Dataflow – What is data flow, the data flow model, how and why it is used in relation to other GCP products

Stackdriver – Stackdriver functions such as debugging, error reporting, monitoring, alerting, tracing, and logging.

Tensorflow & AI – Brief overview of machine learning and neural networks, play with neural networks with a playing field and understand GCP’s AI products and APIs

Case Study – Finally, put your newfound knowledge of GCP to use in a real-world app business case. Similar case studies will be present in the reviews.

Best Google Cloud Platform books 2020

Google Cloud Platform in Action

Google Cloud Platform in Action
  • Geewax, JJ (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 632 Pages - 08/24/2018 (Publication Date) - Manning Publications (Publisher)
Build and launch applications that scale, leveraging the many services on GCP to move faster than ever. This book will teach you the Google Cloud Platform services you need and how to build build Google Cloud Platform applications. You understand how to maximize cloud-based data storage, roll out serverless applications with Cloud Functions, manage containers with Kubernetes, host a simple WordPress web app and more!


Data Science on the Google Cloud Platform: Implementing End-to-End Real-Time Data Pipelines: From Ingest to Machine Learning

Data Science on the Google Cloud Platform: Implementing End-to-End Real-Time Data Pipelines: From...
  • Lakshmanan, Valliappa (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 404 Pages - 01/16/2018 (Publication Date) - O'Reilly Media (Publisher)
A guide to solving real world problems. You will be using statistical data and machine learning methods and tools. Using TensorFlow, you will build a high-performing prediction model. This book will teach you to use Google Data Studio and Google BigQuery.

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