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Welcome to issue 104.

This week we learn JavaScript features in React, use the speed of Gatsby+ React, do React internationalization and much more!


Gurinder Singh Shergill shares powerful JavaScript features React developers should know.


Maribel Duran shows us the speed of Gatsby + React.


Learn Alexa Skills Kit now!


Sara Vieira walks us through the process.


Tomáš Ehrlich introduces  jsLingui, a way to do React internationalization.


Ilya Suzdalnitski talks React stateless functional components.


Eugene Gluhotorenko takes a deep dive under the hood.


Kyle Gill does it using React.


Alex Reardon reflectson a year of Atlassian’s react-beautiful-dnd.


Bohdan Liashenko talks about React web performance.


Zaid Humayun shows how.

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