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Welcome to issue 116.

This week we see how Netflix optimizes React, learn more about React Hooks, use NextJS with React, and much more!


Stop being a React Noob!

Over 10,000 React Developers have learnt React from this course in a month alone!


Addy Osmani on improving Time-To-Interactive for on Desktop


Rudi Yardley untangles the rules around React.


Want to become a FullStack developer but don’t know how?

This Node course will teach you what you need to become a Full-Stack developer!


Charles Stover reduces complexity and bundle size.


Rajat S uses NextJS to Render React on the Server


Mae Capozzi talks about Harry’s eCommerce development process.


Sean Matheson evaluates React & React Hooks.


Patryk Andrzejewski uses pure React apps and Apollo GraphQL.


Geoff Cox shows how to React + MSON.


Charles Stover tells us more.


How to loop through arrays in React

Sunil Sandhu talks about map() function.

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