Welcome to issue 145.

This week we check out Material UI 4, build Serverless React app, improve React Perf and much more!


Material-UI v4 is out

Olivier Tassinari tells us more.


So You Want to Build a Serverless React App with Next.js and ZEIT Now

Adrian Carolli teaches us how.


Improve Your React App Performance by Using Throttling and Debouncing

Chidume Nnamdi shows how to improve performance by implementing throttling and debouncing with lodash, underscore or RxJs.


How to migrate from HOCs to Hooks

Kristofer Selbekk shows us how.


Iterating a React Design with Styled Components

Cliff Hall explains in-detail.


WebSockets tutorial: How to go real-time with Node and React

Avanthika Meenakshi gives us a guided walk through.


Building Your First React Native App

Nathan Thomas tells us how.


How to Easily Use a Single React Component from PrimeReact’s Library

Chidume Nnamdi shows how to easily consume a single chart React component from PrimeReact’s library.


13 GraphQL Tools and Libraries You Should Know in 2019

Jonathan Saring lists them.


Deploying a Client-Side Rendered create-react-app to Microsoft Azure

Adebiyi Adedotun tells more.

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