Welcome to issue 177.

This week we outline what to learn in 2020 (React, ofcourse!), re-acknowledge Svelte won’t kill React, build a OS with React Native and much more!


JavaScript Frameworks & Topics to Learn in 2020 & the New Decade

Eric Elliott on landing a great JavaScript job.


Learn React 2020!

Make learning React your number 1 new year’s resolution!


Why Svelte won’t kill React

Kit Isaev on is React simply better?


Building LightOS with React Native

Hugh Francis explains how and why.


Dockerize a React app with Node.js backend connected to MongoDb

Vladislav Guleaev shows how.


Probably the hottest code refactoring you ever saw

Ioannis Potouridis claims.


Sharing Dependencies in Micro Frontends

Florian Rappl shows how to share dependencies in Micro Frontends


Want To Learn React in 2020? Here’s The Blueprint to Follow.

Reed Barger lists out the path.


Build A GitHub App With Flutter & GraphQL

Promise Nzubechi Amadi show to build a Github app from scratch using Flutter and GraphQL.


Converting a back-end-rendered colossus to React

Kamil Przekwas on converting a application into a React-driven single-page application (SPA).


Frontend Application Security: How We Protect Sensitive User Data

Carlos Ruana outlines web application security practices from a frontend point of view.

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