Welcome to issue 196.

This week Microsoft announces React Native for MacOS, Facebook announces Recoil, we learn React Rendering Behavior and more!


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Announcing React Native for macOS and more

Kiki Saintonge and the Microsoft Team announce.


Facebook announces Recoil

A state management library for React.


Sharing React Components Between an SPA and a Static Site

Eden Ella on How to share components between your React app and your Gatsby site.


A (Mostly) Complete Guide to React Rendering Behavior

Mark Erikson details how React rendering behaves, and how use of Context and React-Redux affect rendering.


5 Ways to Implement Conditional Rendering in React

Chidume Nnamdi lists the pros and cons of different conditional rendering implementations in React.


Easier React State Management with OvermindJS

Nathan Sebhastian introduces OvermindJS.


A comprehensive guide to video playback in React

Jamie Maison details React video playback.


How to Sync Your React App with the System Color Scheme

Glad Chinda’s Dark Mode Implementation Guide for React.


Animated Sparkles in React

Josh W Comeau shows step by step.


How To Mock Fetch in Jest

Leigh Halliday walks us through the process.

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