Welcome to issue 200.

For everyone that ever gave us a shot, Thank You.
For those that continue to stick with us, We will always make it worth your while.

This week we use React testing library, compare form libraries, demystify React Hooks and more!


How to become a React Developer by Summer

Start learning React now.


Build Full-Stack React apps.

Master React Development.


How to use React Testing Library Tutorial

Robin Wieruch’s epic guide.


React Hook Form VS Formik

Nathan Sebhastian’s comparison of the two libraries.


3 React Mistakes Junior Developers Make With Component State

Tyler Hawkins lists them


Demystifying React Hooks: useCallback and useMemo

Milu explains them.


A deep dive into React Context API

Adebiyi Adedotun explains in detail.


Reusable React Components for Headless CMS

Eden Ella on when component-driven development and component content management meet.


Why Frontend Developers Choose Gatsby Over Traditional CMS

Ashan Fernando answers why.


Everything You Need to Know About FLIP Animations in React

Kirill Vasiltsov elaborates.


Authenticating React applications with Magic Links

Samaila Bala combines them.


5 Useful and Modern Custom Hooks for your React App

Victor de la Fouchardière lists them out.

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