Welcome to issue 201.

This week we build 30 React Apps, make React Serverless, develop React Electron apps and more!


Master React Dev

Level up your React.


Learn React in Summer 2020

Start learning React now.


30 React Apps

Hemant Joshi lists 30 React Apps which you can make.


React Visual Editors in 2020

Shanika Wickramasinghe gives an overview of top React visual editors.


4 steps to add a serverless back end to React

Dominique Péré lists them.


Build & publish multiple RN apps from the same codebase 1

Aleksander Mikucki explains.


JavaScript concepts to master before learning React

Sebastian Weber shares the concepts.


Sharing React Components between a Web App and an Electron Desktop App

Nathan Sebhastian publishes components from React web app & reuses them in a React-Electron desktop app.


Simple state management with Facebook’s new Recoil library

Ohans Emmanuel talks Recoil.


Exploring React Renders: Different Ways a Component Gets Re-Rendered.

Jasbindar Singh talks React rendering.


How to build Zelda BOTW interface with React, Tailwind & Framer-motion: 1

Florent Lagrede builds Zelda in React!


Create a Lazy-Loading Image Component with React Hooks

Jason Leung shows how.

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