Welcome to issue 210.

This week we learn Blazor and compare it to JavaScript, compare React vs. Svelte, use React-Spring and more!


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Blazor VS JavaScript

Chameera Dulanga asks if Blazor replace JavaScript and become the framework of choice for frontend apps?


React vs. Svelte: The War Between Virtual and Real DOM

Keshav Kumaresan compares.


React Component Patterns

Alexi Taylor gives an epic guide.


Create a Full-Stack web app: React, Strapi, Nginx, MongoDB, & DigitalOcean

Jack Kelly gives a detailed tutorial.


The Boring React State Management Guide

Arko tells us more.


Morphing SVG With react-spring

Mikael Ainalem uses React + SVG.


Refactoring a Redux app to use Recoil

Ohans Emmanuel shows how to switch to Recoil from Redux.


20+ React Developer Tools to Increase Your Programming Productivity

AnaDev lists them.


Trying out the new Bootstrap 5 with React

Peter Ekene Eze uses React + Bootstrap 5.


Fullstack React GraphQL TypeScript Tutorial

Ben Awad’s 14 hour ultimate tutorial!

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