Welcome to issue 212.

This week we learn why React is the top UI framework, build React Jamstack with Serverless, use React Frontity and more!


Become a React App Developer.

Start learning React now.


Testing Software: What is TDD?

Eric Elliott’s introduction to TDD with Q&A


How to learn any algorithm or data structure.

Your DevOps Guy gives an analysis of 20 problem-solving techniques you must know.


React + TypeScript: The good parts

Diego Maximiliano shares the good parts of both.


Getting Started with React Animations

Jose Felix gives a detailed guide.


AWS: Speed Up Your Static Web Site using GZip and CDN

Chameera Dulanga on Gzip Compression using AWS CloudFront.


Hands-on with React Native for macOS

Andrew Evans introduces React Native for macOS.


Internationalizing your React app with i18next

Aryclenio Xavier Barros shows the process.


Introduction to Moon.js

Chidume Nnamdi on Moon.js, a minimalistic JavaScript library for building fast, functional UI.


Build a password generator app in React with reusable components

Uzochukwu Eddie Odozi step-by-step epic guide.


Simple error handling in React with react-error-boundary

Yusuff Faruq gives a quick way.

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