Welcome to issue 239.

This week we test 400 React components, practice 10 React interview questions, write clean APIs with React and more!


Maybe Learn React?

Made for beginners.


How to test 400 React components without breaking a sweat

Lior Heber on Investing in your development experience will pay in dividends.


10 Entry Level React Interview Questions

Vakhtang Nodadze lists them.


Udemy March 2021 Updates!

Checkout some of the best here.


Clean APIs in React with TypeScript

Alain Perkaz gives the details.


Why You Should Choose React Hook Form Over Formik and Redux-Form

Madushika Perera explains.


Top testing libraries for React in 2021

Fortune Ikechi lists them out.


Build Dev.to Clone in ReactJS

CodeBucks shows how.


Guide to unit testing in React Native

Chidume Nnamdi gives an epic guide.


5 Awesome React Hooks

Tulio Calil picks 5.


React Clean Code for Beginners

Luísa Ribeiro Bezerra explains.


React Fragments: An overview

Vijit Ail gives an overview.


Advanced React – Updated for 2021!

The Best React Course for Professionals.

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