Welcome to issue 255!

This week we see the Modern Full-Stack, make React Components conditional, manage API calls in React and more!

Summer of React Mastery 2021!

Modern Full-Stack Developer Tech Stack 2021

Andrew Baisden lists the stack.

4 Methods to Add Conditional Attributes to React Components

Dulanka Karunasena on best practices of using conditional attributes or props with React.

Summer of Gatsby!

30 Days Free of Skillshare Premium!

How to manage API calls in React

Adyasha Mohanty manages API calls in React

Udemy Summer Sale! Up to 90% OFF!

Advanced Dependency Injection in React

Minura Samaranayake on Extend React dependency injection with InversifyJS

Middleware for the Async Flow in Redux

Viduni Wickramarachchi asks Thunk, Promises, or Sagas?

Are You Going to be Replaced by Code-Generating AI?

Fernando Doglio says think like a software architect.

Getting started with PeerJS

Florian Rappl tells us the history of WebRTC.

TypeScript Logic to Increase Maintainability

Fernando Doglio shows how.

Kubernetes Explained Simply: Containers, Pods and Images

Lari Maza makes understanding Kubernetes easy.

Dockerize your React app

Karan Pratap Singh combines React and Docker.

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Summer of React!