Welcome to issue 257!

This week we wite Unit Tests properly, talk GitHub Copilot, React Project Folder Structures and more!

Hot React Summer 2021!

How to write unit tests that really matter?

F.Lucivjansky shows how to write unit tests.

How GitHub Copilot will Change Developers’ Life

Nethmi Wijesinghe on Virtual pair programming.

Summer of Gatsby!

React Project Folder Structure

Kumar Nitesh shows how.

Udemy July Sale! Up to 90% OFF!

How to Improve Web Vitals with CSS

Piumi Liyana Gunawardhana on 4 CSS Tips to Optimize Web Vitals in Your Application.

30 Days Free of Skillshare Premium!

How to hide/show Features for different users in React

Alex Barashkov explains how.

Creating contact forms with the Notion API and Next.js

Nitin Ranganath uses Next.js and the Notion API.

Write more readable code with TypeScript 4.4

John Reilly discusses TypeScript control flow analysis of aliased conditions.

Adding dynamic meta tags to a React app without SSR

Angelo Faella adds meta tags to React.

How to add SliverAppBar to your Flutter app

Pinkesh Darji on adding Flutter.

Deep dive into event bubbling and capturing

Chiamaka Ikeanyi explains JS stuff.

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Summer of React!