Welcome to issue 258!

This week we use BLoC patterns, do Snapshot testing, check Analytical tools and more!

Hot React Summer 2021!

8 React Projects Every Beginner Should Try

The Nerdy Dev lists some.

Using BLoC Pattern with React

Charuka Herath on Business Logic Independent From UI Components

Summer of Gatsby!

Snapshot Testing for Frontends

Viduni Wickramarachchi on test whether any characteristics of your application have changed.

Udemy July Sale! Up to 90% OFF!

Analytical Tools for React Native

Bhagya Vithana on Comparison of React Native Analytical Tools.

30 Days Free of Skillshare Premium!

Spinners versus skeletons in the battle of hasting

Martin Nuc describes how to identify intermediate states while loading using React Suspense.

React Animations Using Framer Motion

Sreashi Saha explains Framer Motion.

React slider tutorial using react-slider

Ganesh Mani talks React Slider.

Using the React.cloneElement() function to clone elements

Habdul Hazeez explains React Clone.

How to Set up a Node.js Express Server for React

Pratham setups up Nodejs Express Server for React.

Build a React autocomplete component from scratch

Fortune Ikechi adds Autocomplete to React.

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Summer of React!