Welcome to issue 260!

This week we structure React apps, create React search bars, build Google Classroom in React and more!

August React 2021!

How I structure my React /TS applications

Djamaile gives the process.

How to Create a Search Bar in React

Francisco Mendes lays it out.

Gatsby August

Reactjs | Perfect tools for the perfect use cases

KR Tirtho tells us more.

Udemy August Sale! Up to 90% OFF!

Build a Google Classroom clone with React and Firebase

Atharva Deosthale gives a epic tutorial.

30 Days Free of Skillshare Premium!

Creating a Chrome extension with React and TypeScript

Juan Cruz Martinez teaches us how.

Building charts in React with Nivo

Leonardo Maldonado explains how.

20+ React Tools to Help You Become a More Productive Programmer

Hari Haren lists them out.

Don’t waste your time on a React portfolio website

Johannes Kettmann says you dont need it.

1 week with GitHub Copilot: Building an app using only Copilot

Evgeny Klimenchenko explores GitHub Copilot.

A quick overview of UI/UX best practices for cookie notifications

Adewale Abati lays our Best Practices for Cookies.

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