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This week learn how to React, build React hooks, configure CSS Modules and more!

How to learn React – The Effective way

Shaan Alam gives an epic guide.

Building custom hooks in React to fetch Data

Shahid Rizwan shows how.

Best React course in Sep 21!

Every React Developer should know these libraries

Akhil lists them.

Reactjs | Perfect tools for the perfect use cases

KR Tirtho tells us more.

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Persistent login in React using refresh token rotation

Mucahit Gurbuz explains.

How and when to force a React component to re-render

Juan Cruz Martinez gives the details.

5 web APIs that add mobile functionality to your project

Chimezie Enyinnaya lists them.

How to deploy a React Native app to the Google Play Store

Akash Mittal shows how.

React useUndo hook

Bhavesh Mishra lays it out.

How to configure CSS Modules for Webpack

Hulya Karakaya on CSS Modules in Webpack.

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