Welcome to issue 266!

This week we use MUI, deploy React on AWS Lightsail, build command line React and more!

Kickstart React!

Material-UI is now MUI

Rakesh S Nakrani explains.

Deploy a React App on AWS Lightsail

Mangabo Kolawole shows how.

Create React Components from The Command Line with Agrippa

Nathan Sebhastian lays out the why and how.

The Observer Pattern in JavaScript — the Key to a Reactive Behavior

Fernando Doglio explains a design pattern.

Comparing React tree components

Hussain Arif explains.

6 use cases of the useEffect ReactJS hook

Damian Demasi lists the usecases.

Next-Gen Way to Connect Redux Store to React Component

Tapajyoti Bose shows us how.

Why do Webdevs keep trying to kill REST?

Swyx ponders.

Creating multi-step forms with React Stepzilla

Emmanuel Etukudo introduces React Stepzilla.

Build React with Husky pre-commit hooks & GitHub Actions

Iva Kop uses Husky and GitHub Actions.

Best React course in Sep 2021!

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