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Welcome to issue 55.

This week we introduce Semiotic, deep dive into React component lifecycle methods, use GraphQL API, debug React Native, use Python for everything and much more!


Introducing Semiotic for Data Visualization

Semiotic is a React-based data visualization framework.


ReactJs component lifecycle methods — A deep dive

“ReactJs is a javascript library for building user interfaces” is official one liner introduction about ReactJs.



Learn Python

You can do almost everything with Python. See how.


Using Recompose in React

Recompose has become my favorite library for React/Redux projects during the last few months.


Validating a React form upon submit

Users are going to enter bad data into the inputs… How do I handle that?


React Navigation drawer tutorial

How to add a drawer to your React Native app using react-navigation.


React-Native: Debugging like a God

Let’s talk about debugging and performance measurement.


4 simple ways to call a GraphQL API

Get GraphQL data anywhere you can make an HTTP request.


GraphQL deep dive: fragments and React components

Using GraphQL in production


Visualizations with React, D3, & TypeScript

D3 and React are fantastic tools, combining the two isn’t completely straightforward.


Angular vs. React vs. Vue: A 2017 comparison

Deciding on a JavaScript framework for your web application can be overwhelming.

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