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Welcome to issue 65.

This week we start learning everything about React, figure out CSS in React & JS, use React Patterns, get started with the best early Black Friday developer deals and much more!


Are you curious about React and haven’t had the chance to learn it?


CSS-in-JS abstracts the CSS model to the component level, rather than the document level (modularity).



Learn WebGL


Avoid repeating yourself by centralizing PropTypes


A Case Study.


An Opinionated Take on the Current State of Navigation in React Native


The new release has a lot of new features to facilitate the designing of robust components and enhancements to speed up the rendering pipeline.


How well do you know React-centric terminology?


Learn how to manage all your app data


This tutorial uses the boiler plate ReactPWA.


Learn how to create a smart contract and deploy it to the Ethereum blockchain, using the minimum toolset required: Remix, Metamask, and any text editor.



That’s it for the newest edition of the best ReactJS, React Native & GraphQL Newsletter!

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