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Welcome to issue 73.

This week we understand React Router v4, learn more about Gatsby and React, check out AWS AppSync for GraphQL, New Year Sale: 12 hours remain! and much more!


Gary Borton looks at Server Rendering, Code Splitting, and Lazy Loading with React Router v4.


Aman Mittal explains and shows us how to get started with Gatsbyjs for React.


Learn D3.js


Michel Weststrate introduces Immer, Immutability the easy way.


Divyanshu Maithani shows you how.


Tyler McGinnis introduces React Router v4 philospohies.


Donavon West says goodbye to the medieval class constructor in your React components.


Nader Dabit shows you how to use AWS AppSync GraphQL service.


Zohar Levin writes on animating components based on the scroll position of a ScrollView in React Native.


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