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There are quite a few React Native books. But what is the best React Native book for you and your skill level? Do remember that React Native is a bleeding edge language and the text of some of these books may not be up to date.That being said, React Native basics will remain pretty much the same, regardless of the version and so will be the skills you gain from these books. Bookmark this page and check back regularly as it will get updated regularly as more React Native books come out. We’ve curated some of the very best React Native books,videos, courses and tutorials in 2017 to help you learn React Native.


Best React Native videos in 2017


The Complete React Native and Redux Course

The Complete React Native and Redux Course by Stephen Grider will teach how to build iOS and Android apps from scratch using React Native. This React Native tutorial will teach you how to create real-world native apps using React Native. You’ll start off by mastering the fundamentals of ReactJS including JSX, Props, State, event handling, etc.  You will understand the terminology and concepts of Redux.  This React Native course will get up to speed with ReactJS design principles and methodologies. The core principles of React Native navigation are taught. Firebase is used for user authentication. You will be able to  deploy your React Native applications to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This is one of the best React Native and Redux tutorials in 2017.


React Native: Advanced Concepts

React Native: Advanced Concepts by Stephen Grider will help you learn  advanced React Native.You will make compelling applications using expert-level features of React Native. Using Redux Persist, you will handle offline users.  Use the latest React Native Navigation options for building apps. You will update your users with cross platform Push Notifications. Using cross-platform MapView components, you will be able to locate your users. This course will teach you to build React Native apps using Expo. You will build 3 different React Native apps. The first is a Tinder-like React Native app that makes use of swiping via React Native Animation. The second app useTwilio API and Firebase to make a One Time Password authentication app. Finally, the last React Native project you will build is a full featured React Native Job app. This React Native job app will make use of  Facebook authentication,  map components and Indeed’s Job API. You will even learn about using Expo. This is one of the best Advanced React Native tutorials in 2017.


Build an app in less than 1 hour using React Native

Build an app in less than 1 hour using React Native by Vaibhav Namburi will teach you how to build applications using React Native in no time at all. You will build a fully function Tinder like Jokes React Native app. This React Native quick start tutorial will start you off with the initial concepts of ReactJS. You will use React’s JSX markup language, HTML and JavaScript to make components that you can re-use throughout your React Native application. This React Native online training will teach you how Props and State work. You will understand what Props and State are, what they do and why they are necessary in your React Native code. Using State, you will easily manage your data. You will learn about Redux middleware and how to use it. This course will introduce you to Expo. You will make use of APIs from different services to fetch and use data. This is one of the best beginner React Native tutorials in 2017.


React Native With An Express/MongoDB Backend

React Native With An Express/MongoDB Backend by Alex Paterson will teach you how to build apps. You will use React native on the front end. The mobile backend API will be built with NodeJS, Express and MongoDB. You will learn Redux and how to use it, namely Actions and Stores.  This MERN stack tutorial will show you how to add authentication to your react native app. You will even be shown how to deploy Node applications to Heroku. This course will teach you enough React Native and NodeJS to build the entire stack of your next application.


Ultimate React Native – Easily Build iOS and Android Apps

Ultimate React Native – Easily Build iOS and Android Apps by Jon Bonso will teach you React Native in-depth. You will start with the basics of React Native and then go in-depth. Then, you will understand React Native’s core concepts such as the Props, State and Components. You will explore and use different built-in React Native components in your React Native app. The React native exercise you will work on is building a Employee List mobile app that fetches data from a web service. You will use the Fetch API to get data. This is one of the best react Native tutorials in 2017.

Getting Started with React Native

Getting Started with React Native by Mark M. will get you started with React Native. You will start with learning the basics of React Native. Then you will learn how to create components that are reusable. Yo will lay out and style those components. Your React Native app will provide user interaction and integrate third-party components. The React Native project you will build is a cross-platform run tracking app.



Best React Native books in 2017


Mastering React Native

Mastering React Native by Eric Masiello & Jacob Friedman will teach you all the skills necessary to become an expert in React Native and you can read our through and full review here. Having been released very recently, this book is very new and all of the code is up to date.

Mastering React Native guides you through the numerous components and APIs of React Native. Mastering React Native teaches you how to use Redux and Redux middleware to manage data and build scalable applications. JSX syntax is also explored in this book. This book use ES6 and also teaches you the basic concepts of ReactJS.

Mastering React Native walks you through the process of building a mobile application with a guided workflow for a fast development. Mastering React Native is a great book that will definitely make you a better React Native developer. Mastering React Native should be read by everyone that wants to master React Native.




React Native Cookbook

React Native Cookbook by Stan Bershadskiy & Crysfel Villa will take you through the basics recipes of React Native development all the way to recipes using advanced components and you can read our complete review here.

React Native Cookbook will teach you how to leverage iOS and Android while maximizing code reuse. This book will teach you to build rich and engaging user experiences using UIs with animation. The cookbook follows a top-down approach.After making your React Native app, you will also be shown how to add automated testing and deploy the app on the popular app stores. React Native Cookbook also teaches you different strategies for working with data, like using Redux.

React Native Cookbook is definitely a great way to cook up some React Native applications. All aspiring React Native chefs will learn some great recipes from React Native Cookbook. This is one of the best React Native question and answer books.




Learning React Native: Building Native Mobile Apps with JavaScript

Learning React Native by Bonnie Eisenman is one of the most popular React Native books out at the moment and you can read our extensive and fully detailed review here. This book serves as a great introduction to React Native.

Learning React Native uses clearly defined instructions to show you how to build and style interfaces, use components, local storage, debug and deploy your applications(to iOS & Android stores) and everything else in between. This book will teach you how to build complex React Native apps by starting with simple React Native apps. Learning React Native is full of code examples throughout. This is one of the best React Native books for beginners.

Learning React Native is a book that will teach you everything you need to learn about React Native. Learning React Native is great for beginners as it does not assume any prior knowledge from you in React Native. Learning React Native should be checked out by anyone wishing to learn React Native.



React Native for iOS Development

React Native for iOS Development by Akshat Paul & Abhishek Nalwaya is a hands-on guide to building iOS apps with ease using React Native and you can read our extensively detailed review here.

React Native for iOS Development begins by explaining the concepts of Reactjs. The book then explores the anatomy & architecture(using flux) of React Native apps. React Native for iOS Development shows you how to design great user interfaces, add testing and deploy your app.  This book is full of examples that you can go through.

React Native for iOS Development is a book that should be read by anyone that wants to make a React Native app for iOS.






Now is the best time to get started in React Native development. The React Native books listed will help you learn and master React Native in 2017, regardless of your level of expertise. Stay tuned to this site to see more book reviews on ReactJS, React Native & GraphQL!



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