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Learn Chess 2024 – Best Chess Courses & Best Chess Tutorials

Best Chess Courses 2021


Best Chess Tutorials 2021

Chess Tactics Essentials

Are you a newbie or hobbyist chess player who wants to start winning a lot more games?

This course breaks down the most common (but powerful!) chess tactics so that anyone can take them and use them against their opponents.

You will learn these powerful chess tactics from a 10+ year-old professional chess trainer who really takes their students’ results seriously.

Each lecture comes with a pdf in the additional material section, which is highly recommended to study along with the lecture on the fly.

Students who use both video conferencing and its pdf companion will reap the best rewards in terms of level of play and tactical ability, but just watching the lectures alone will dramatically improve any player’s tactical level and practical results. Of chess.

Chess: From Beginner to Advanced at Warp Speed

This course is for aspiring chess players who know how the pieces move and understand how to use certain tactics such as forks and skewers, but who have never had formal chess training.

With easy-to-understand chess patterns and positions, I’ll walk you through the thought process of a master chess player and teach you everything you need to know to go from a mediocre player to a great player. very strong player.

In this course, you will learn how to find tactics on the board, make a strategic plan, and configure your pieces for maximum efficiency when opening.

I’ve condensed information that took me many years of hard work into 16 powerful chess lessons. If you want to improve your game of chess as quickly as possible, this course is for you!

Chess For Everyone!

This course is intended for beginner to intermediate chess players who want to start learning and continue to hone their chess skills. This course consists of 4 parts:

Section 1: The Basics

Section 2: What to do when opening

Section 3: Tactics in the middle game

Section 4: Checkmate in the final part

By the end of the course, each student should have a good idea of the underlying strategies to be implemented in a game of chess, as well as the tactics needed to implement that strategy. This course is ideal for people interested in mastering chess tactics and who also want to have fun doing it!

Learn to Play Chess: from a Novice to a Fierce Competitor

This course takes you from your first chess moves to a confident player who knows how to effectively build forces, keep the king safe, fend off opponent attacks, gain an early advantage, and subdue your opponents.

What makes this course unique? Dr Alex combines both his experience as an international chess master and trainer, and his background in teaching programming and adaptive systems, to bring you the combination of training videos and exercises via the ‘Chess Mates Companion’ software. This way you can immediately apply your new knowledge to practice and learn chess in the fastest possible way.

You start playing chess in under an hour and build your strength from there.

If you are already a seasoned chess player, this course is not for you – but look out for follow-up courses soon!

If you are a beginner and want to learn to play chess confidently, quickly and with the best fundamentals, this course is ideal for you.

Understanding chess tactics | How to calculate tactics well

This course will improve your understanding of chess and sharpen your tactical vision. By the end of the course you will really understand why chess tactics appeared in the position, what were the signs that triggered the combination, what exact steps it takes to find most chess combinations. Spoiler alert: I’ll take some mystery out of chess and replace it with some logic!

Learn and master chess tactics with a successful grandmaster

Find chess combinations efficiently

Recognize the signs that trigger tactics

Learn the typical tactical patterns

Gain an understanding of chess

This course will take your computing skills to the next level

The course is aimed at beginner to intermediate chess players. I also put in several examples that would be interesting even for grandmasters but explained them in a way that anyone with a basic understanding of chess piece movement could get it. In the final section, I’ll show an opening combination that many Grandmasters don’t know (including yours until 2014).

After completing the course you will be able to understand most of the chess combinations that you will see on a much deeper level.

The course is divided into 5 sections.

Section 1: I explain what are the 4 main questions to ask during the game and how they help you find chess tactics

Section 2: I use relatively simple puzzles to show how my method works. You will learn other useful questions in addition to the main four.

Section 3: I show how to use my method to solve much more difficult puzzles.

Section 4: Covers the most important tactical motives and the signs that trigger those motives.

Section 5: You’ll find GM games and a tricky opening tactic that many high-class GMs don’t know! You will find a brief summary of the course at the end.

Each section contains downloadable pdf and pgn files with previously analyzed positions.

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