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Best Elm courses & Best Elm books 2024

Best Elm courses 2022


Best Elm Books 2022

Best Elm tutorials 2022

Beginner’s Guide to Elm Programming. Build Web Apps!

Do you want to learn how to create web applications? Sign up for Mammoth Interactive’s Beginner’s Guide to Elm Programming. Create web applications!

In this course, web developer Chris Veillette will teach you how to code in the Elm language to create real websites and apps.

What is Elm?

Elm is a programming language that you can use to build web applications. Elm is user-friendly, which makes it a great place to learn how to build web applications.

Elm is a functional language that compiles into JavaScript. It’s a separate language from JavaScript, which means you need to learn Elm’s syntax and language rules.

What are the advantages of Elm?

Elm allows you to write well-structured, easy-to-read code.

Elm simplifies front-end development.

Elm provides light operations, which means it involves less fatigue than JavaScript. With applications containing a lot of JavaScript, there may be a lot of tools and frameworks needed to create a simple application. Elm provides a leaner operation by being autonomous.

Elm comes with creative built-in tools, which means you don’t have to download any other packages

Elm is easy to understand and use once you learn the language

There is a united community with an active creator (Evan Czaplicki)

Elm has no runtime exceptions, which can happen in JavaScript. Instead, Elm gives you warning messages.

Elm’s warning messages are in readable language

Elm’s built-in package manager protects code from minor errors

And more!

You can learn how to build websites and apps in Elm. Get started with this promising programming language.

The course can be summarized as many walkthroughs.

This course is full of practical examples. We teach you theory while building real projects that you can put into your web development portfolio.

You will learn

Understand the basics of the Elm language
Understand some key concepts of functional programming
Use Elm’s build tools to debug and compile Elm code
Create simple websites and apps using Elm language

Best Elm books 2022

Programming Elm: Build Safe, Sane, and Maintainable Front-End Applications

Programming Elm: Build Safe, Sane, and Maintainable Front-End Applications
  • Fairbank, Jeremy (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 310 Pages - 07/16/2019 (Publication Date) - Pragmatic Bookshelf (Publisher)

Programming Elm: Build Safe, Sane, and Maintainable Front-End Applications by Jeremy Fairbank will help you learn to code Elm.Elm has brought security and stability to functional programming in front-end development, turning it into a new popular language. Functional nature and static typing of elm means runtime errors are almost impossible and it is easily compiled in JavaScript for web deployment. This book helps you to take advantage of this new language in the development of your website. Find out how Elm Architecture will help you build applications faster. Learn how to integrate Elm with JavaScript so you can update legacy applications. Find out how Elm tools help accelerate and facilitate deployment.

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