Welcome to issue 45.

This week we look at all the talks from React Amsterdam, battle GraphQL vs REST, compare all the Reduxes, analyze Big Data with Hadoop and much more!


React Amsterdam 2017 videos

React Amsterdam 2017 videos from both tracks: React and React Native.


GraphQL vs. REST

Two ways to send data over HTTP: What’s the difference?



Analyze Big Data with Hadoop

Hadoop is the most popular way of analyzing Big Data sets.We review courses & books that teach will teach you Hadoop.


Animated with React Router 4 & ReactTransitionGroup

How to animate your page transitions using lifecycle methods from ReactTransitionGroup and the Animated library.


Up & Running with React Native + Visual Studio Mobile Center

In this post, we will add CodePush and Analytics to a new React Native Project.


Redux-Observable Epics vs Redux Sagas

In Redux, there’s no prescribed way to handle side-effects. Such a blessing and a curse


React Express

An all-in-one beginner’s guide to modern React application development


Writing Clean and Concise React Components

State management just got a whole lot easier.


Vataxia: Build a Reddit clone.

Vataxia is an open source social network written in React and Redux.


React Native: developing using best practices (Part 1)

React Native has been around for two years and when it was introduced, made a huge buzz among developers.


Avoiding deeply nested component trees

By passing child components down instead of data you can avoid passing data down through many levels of components. It also makes your components more reusable.


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