Last updated on October 16th, 2018

Welcome to issue 67.

This week we debug React, use Redux Forms, do high performance animations in React Native, get started with Elasticsearch and much more!


Debugging React with React 16 & Chrome Devtools

Use real React code and Chrome DevTools to demonstrate powerful new performance tracking features.


Redux Form

About half of React projects use Redux, and about a quarter of those use Redux-Form.



Learn Elasticsearch


The most unknown redux performance trick

There is one that remains unknown to many: The connect’s areStatesEqual option.


AWS AppSync

A first look at Amazon’s newest GraphQL product.


High perf animations with React Native

How to build a high perf parallax effect using a ScrollView.


React JS for Design Prototyping

React as a tool to build design prototypes


How to make a React HOC for Ethereum Dapps

Web3 is the bridge between the browser and the Ethereum blockchain.


Introducing React Food Truck

React Food Truck is a curated set of extensions for discerning React developers who use VS Code.


Diving into mobile with React Native

Took a chance on React Native.


React-Redux A-B-C, Easy as 1–2–3

3 steps to implement Redux into React apps.

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