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Best Thymeleaf Courses & Best Thymeleaf Tutorials 2024

Best Thymeleaf Courses 2022

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Best Thymeleaf Tutorials 2022

Mastering Thymeleaf with Spring Boot

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Thymeleaf is a very popular templating engine for use with Spring MVC to produce rich and dynamic web pages.

Unlike the other options available for Java and Spring Boot, Thymeleaf has a natural templating language – meaning you can view the templates right in your favorite browser.

Try to do this with JSP!

In this course, you are taken step by step through building an Ecommerce like a Web Application using Thymeleaf, Spring MVC, and Spring Boot.

The objective of the course is to create web content with Thymeleaf. You begin the course to create web pages using Bootstrap CSS. They are simple web pages that you can view directly in your browser. (No Spring Boot or Spring MVC – yet!) This is to give you a good overview of Bootstrap CSS, one of the most popular CSS frameworks in use today!

Then, you create the HTML code for a product catalog website. Just HTML to display a product list and product detail pages.

Then we take your HTML pages and convert them to Thymeleaf templates. We add the models in a Spring Boot application. Spring Boot will automatically configure Spring MVC to render Thymeleaf models under Tomcat.

You see how we transfer HTML documents from simple HTML to Thymeleaf templates for Spring Boot application.

By using Spring MVC, you can start to introduce dynamic content into Thymeleaf models. From here you can explore the use of Thymeleaf with Spring Boot.

You get examples of:

Outsourcing of text properties
Using Spring MVC Internationalization with Thymeleaf
Using thymel leaf fragments for common page components.
Leverage Spring Boot Developer Tools to Accelerate Your Development
Rendering of POJOs returned by Spring MVC under Thymeleaf
Loop lists in Thymeleaf
Using Thymeleaf Fragments with Lists
Syntax of Thymeleaf expression
Spring MVC validation with Thymeleaf
Using Spring Security with Thymeleaf
How to show different content to logged in users compared to anonymous users
Although the course uses Spring Framework, Spring Boot, Spring MVC, and Spring Security, these are not the main topics of the course.

If you are a Spring Framework developer familiar with JSPs (Java Server Pages) and want to get familiar with Thymeleaf, this is a perfect course for you! You will never want to use JSPs again! Even if you are not a Spring Framework developer, you will still get a lot out of this course! Thymeleaf is a powerful templating technology for Java and Spring. With Spring Boot, it becomes very easy to develop rich dynamic content!

You will learn:

Learn how to convert HTML5 document to Thymeleaf template
Use Bootstrap CSS to create a basic web page
Configure Spring MVC with Spring Boot to display Thymeleaf models
Outsource text values ​​to property files
Use Spring Message bundles for internationalized text values
Display POJO properties via a Thymeleaf model
Iterate through lists to display tabular content
Use Thymeleaf Fragments for Comment HTML Components
View Spring Validation Messages Using Thymeleaf
Use the Thymeleaf Spring Security extension to show or not display content to users

Upgrade from JSP to Thymeleaf with SpringMVC and Spring Boot

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If you are building web interfaces with Spring Boot or Spring MVC and still use Java Server Pages (JSP), this course is for you. Thymeleaf is a great templating engine that replaces JSP, and you can easily use it in any Spring MVC or Spring Boot application. Unlike JSP, it’s a pleasure to use. With Thymeleaf, you are working with standard HTML which means a lot of the frustration of JSP is removed. If you have received a set of HTML and CSS templates to use for a project, Thymeleaf makes it easy for you to integrate them. Or if you build the functionality and give it to a web designer, they can work with your code without any knowledge of Java or Spring.

In this course, you will learn:

How Thymeleaf Lets You Work Seamlessly With Web Designers

How to embed your code in standard HTML / XHTML without breaking the design

How to manage forms, validation and error handling

How to convert a legacy JSP project to Thymeleaf

By the end of this course, you will be able to confidently create functional and efficient interfaces for your Spring web applications.

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