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Learn Amazon Virtual Private Cloud 2024 – Best Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Courses & Best Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Tutorials

Best Amazon VPC Courses 2021


Best Amazon VPC Tutorials 2021

AWS Certified Associate (All 3) – VPC Security Mastery

Whether you are new to AWS or preparing for one of the AWS exams, VPC security is a very common exam topic and your understanding of it will definitely be questioned. If you are preparing for AWS Certified Associate (Architect, SysOps, or Developer), it is essential that you fully understand.

This course explains the topics in a very straightforward way and ensures that upon completion you will have a very deep understanding of Security Groups and NACLs and will be able to confidently answer ALL of the exam related questions.

Simple, clear and visual explanation of security group and NACL topics, as well as exam-level scenarios and questions to enhance understanding and assimilation of knowledge.

AWS MasterClass: Networking & Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Cloud computing is growing at a breakneck pace and Amazon’s web services are at the forefront of this technological revolution. They were the first to launch a publicly accessible cloud infrastructure and since then Amazon has clearly been a market leader in this area. Whether you are an experienced AWS user or just new to cloud computing. You know it is quite easy to deploy your infrastructure components in the AWS Cloud.

But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes:

When you deploy a new RDS database?
A new EC2 instance?
How AWS Handles the Complexity of Deploying Your Cloud Resources in a Secure and Isolated Environment
How do network packets travel through your cloud infrastructure and how can you and your users access these resources?
If so, we know exactly where you are from.

AWS provides a very robust and mature network management infrastructure that is still ubiquitous in all aspects of the AWS infrastructure. Indeed, it is not necessary to understand the intricate details of these networking details. AWS masks most of these complexities very well. You can simply log into your AWS management console and start using AWS services. AWS will automatically deploy all the necessary network components for you in the background.

But if you let go of the curtain a little and take a look at all the sophisticated components that AWS provides to deploy a secure and robust operating environment, you will gain a much deeper understanding of the AWS Cloud. You will be able to design, architecture and operationalize your cloud application with greater efficiency and confidence.

AWS management tools are working very hard to keep these details from you. But for a cloud architect or cloud administrator responsible for the design and architecture of cloud applications, this deeper understanding of the inner workings of the AWS cloud is essential knowledge.

To isolate the cloud environment for each of its users, AWS uses a powerful concept called AWS VPC.

AWS VPC stands for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. It is a virtual private network that allows us to launch AWS resources into a virtual network that we have defined. It is one of the main components of the network infrastructure in the AWS Cloud – which allows us to configure the security of our cloud resources and privately (isolated from all other users of the AWS Cloud).

This course teaches you how to create, configure, and manage your own virtual private cloud (VPC). The course will start with the basics of Virtual Private Cloud and then expand into details about AWS VPC, such as:

What exactly is AWS VPC and what are its uses
What are the different types of VPCs supported by AWS
How to create your own virtual private cloud
What are the different components of AWS VPC
What are subnets, gateways, routing tables, internet gateways, etc.
What are the security mechanisms in the context of AWS VPC
If you really want to understand your AWS-based cloud infrastructure, the only way to go is to acquire this knowledge about AWS network components in conjunction with other tools and frameworks. When a startup or tech company looks to implement their software solutions in AWS cloud infrastructure, they are willing to pay big bucks for cloud engineers and consultants to help them manage their cloud infrastructure. In fact, hourly rates for cloud engineers are easily a few hundred dollars an hour. And the demand for these skills is exploding.

Wouldn’t you like to learn these skills and be a part of this cloud computing revolution? Being in high demand and taking your career to the next level?

That’s why today, we’re excited to be able to share with you our new AWS MasterClass: All About AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) training program.

Here, you’ll find real actionable insights and training in exchange for your time, willingness to learn, and a fraction of the cost you might charge as a cloud engineer or consultant. We can guarantee that you will get your investment back in no time.

When you purchase your copy of “AWS MasterClass: All About AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC),” you’re not risking a dime. The course is backed by our 30 day unconditional money back guarantee.

If you find the course does not meet your needs, just send us a message and we will refund you immediately.

No questions posed, no obstacles to cross and no grudges …

Listen, if you really want to become an expert cloud engineer and generate real income for yourself and your family, you have to take action and step into the game.

Imagine getting that promotion in your current role that has been promised to you for months. Imagine being chased by recruiters looking for skilled and experienced engineers that companies are desperate to hire. Imagine getting a huge increase in your income as a result.

This is what we want for you, and we know this is what you want for yourself, so grab your copy of “AWS MasterClass: Learn All About AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)” now and let’s get started. today! Click the Add to Cart button below that video right now, and we’ll see you on the other side …

Amazon Web Services – Understanding the VPC

This course is a short course intended to help students understand the following

Basic networking concepts – IP addresses, CIDR blocks, routing

How to work with the default VPC

Creating EC2 Instances in the Default VPC

Create a custom VPC

Using Security Groups and Network Access Control Lists

Definition of private and public subnets

What is Network Address Translation

Defining a NAT instance and a NAT gateway

What are Bastion Hosts

VPC flow logs

VPC peering

VPC endpoints

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