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Welcome to issue 102.

This week we learn React Authentication, use React Patterns, build React Games, and much more!


Addy Osmani estimates the cost of JavaScript.


Sunil Sandhu discusses the differences among Vue & React.


Learn JavaScript in a month

Learn Javascript as fast as in a month!


Zack Argyle tells us about how Pinterest Engineering does PWA.


Jesse Heaslip shows us React Authentication with Twitter, Google, Facebook & Github.


Shawn McKay uses Statechart-based state machines.


Adeel Imran tells us how to avoid some common pitfalls.


Ahmad Tahani shares some points about React SSR.


Pavel Vlasov builds basic game sprite animation using React, styles-components, and requestAnimationFrame.


Shubhangi Raj Agrawal lists common features of ES6 used in React applications.


Jonathan Wood teaches scaffolding React components.

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