Last Updated: November 22, 2018

Welcome to issue 118.

This week we look at the best Black Friday Deals for React Developers, build stuff with React Hooks, and much more!

Black Friday

Black Friday Deals for React Developers

Handpicked deals that will take your career as a React Dev to the next level.

Black Friday

50% Off! The only React course you need this Black Friday!

All Wes Bos course are 50% off! Lowest prices ever! Will never be this cheap again this year!


The Virtual DOM is slow. Meet the Memoized DOM.

Sindre Osen Aarsaether on Moving beyond the Virtual DOM and State Management


5 Ways to Style React Components in 2019

Jonathan Saring lists them out.


Build a Login/Auth App with MERN Stack- Part 1

Rishi Prasad creates a (minimal) full-stack app with user authentication via passport and JWTs.


Simple Code Reuse with React Hooks

Aditya Agarwal looks at React Hooks.


An Unforgettable Way to Learn Redux: The Visual Guide

Ohans Emmanuel’s visual guide to learning Redux.


An introduction to React Hooks

Harsh makadia intros React Hooks.


Why I no longer use TypeScript with React

Dominik Tarnowski tells us why.


Under the hood of React’s hooks system

Eytan Manor looks at the implementation.


How to Build a Todo List with React Hooks

Yazeed Bzadough shows us how.

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