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Welcome to issue 123.

This week we learn how Redux works, build a React infinite scroller, test React and much more!


André Santiago explains.


Krissanawat​ Kaewsanmuang builds a React infinite scroll with JavaScript and embeds in a React component.


New JavaScript Bestsellers!

Not sure what JavaScript book to pick? Our bestsellers will help you see what other JavaScript developers are reading!


Free! Your 2 months of SkillShare premium!

In two months, imagine what you can learn!


Zubin tells us how.


Seif Ghezala does it with 0 dependencies.


Pluralsight + Free Trial = Epic Holidays!

This holiday season, learn for free with Pluralsight’s trial!


Eduardo Pineda lists some.


Mitch Pierias combines both.


Nwose Lotanna analyzes State of JS report and the React ecosystem comes ahead.


Rafael Mendiola documents the steps.


Jeremias Menichelli walks us through the process.


Dan Abramov tells us what he wants.

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