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Welcome to issue 139.

This week we look at React + Redux authentication, See between React Hooks v React Suspense, build Windows 95 in React and much more!


David Yu tells us.


Leizl Samano’s explanation and guide for how to handle JWT and Authentication.


The only React course you”ll ever need!

Over 17,000 React Developers agree!


Jonathan Saring’s on reusable components in production.


William Candillon makes the case.


Artur Bien builds Windows 95 style UI components in React


Veronika Rovnik lists them.


Ohans Emmanuel highlights React Hooks examples and use cases.


Vitaliy Akimov states React Suspense is to a Monad as Hooks are to Applicative Notation.


Indrek Lasn gives React perf tips.


Aman Mittal shows us how.

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