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Welcome to issue 140.

This week we look at React Memoization, work with React and Redux, state management with React Hooks and much more!


Improve React App Performance Through Memoization

Chidume Nnamdi tells us.


New React Redux coding style with hooks without selectors

Daishi Kato use custom hooks instead of selectors.


The only React course you”ll ever need!

Over 17,000 React Developers agree!


Making Animations In React Native

SaidHayani shows us how.


How to identify and resolve wasted renders in React

Nayeem Reza teaches us how.


A Simple Guide to GatsbyJS Themes

Kyle Gill is turning sites into packages for composable websites.


How to connect React to Redux: A diagrammatic guide

Princiya tells us more.


State Management with React Hooks: No Redux or Context API

André Gardi says React Hooks are more powerful than you think.


9 Web Components UI Libraries You Should Know in 2019

Jonathan Saring lists framework-agnostic web components.


More project ideas to improve your coding skills

Florin Pop lists some more.


Configure VSCode for Everything

Aman Mittal shows us how.

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