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Welcome to issue 148.

This week we check out styled-components v5, write React at 60fps, authenticate emails using React Native with Firebase and much more!


Announcing styled-components v5: Beast Mode

Evan Jacobs announces.


React at 60fps — Building a Medium-Inspired Zoom with React-Pose

Dominik Tarnowski on using react-pose.


Email Authentication with React Native and Firebase

Msm builds an e-mail authentication using React Native and Firebase.


Synchronizing Online/Offline States

Sean Bae talks how his team did it.


React Hooks in 20 Minutes

Saidur Rahman explores them.


Managing State in React using Unstated-Next

Kingsley Silas teaches us.


Building Micro Frontends with React, Vue, and Single-spa

Nader Dabit shows us how.


How to implement Dark Mode in React Native App

Artur Yorsh guides us.


React-sweet-state: Redux and Context, the yummy parts

Alberto Gasparin explains.


What you do when the Twitter influencers decide to make fun of Microfrontends

Joel Denning on being mocked by prominent JavaScript developers.

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