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Welcome to issue 176.

Happy New Year 2020!
This week we review React in 2019, build Chrome extensions with React, use React Container Patterns and much more!


Implementing the Container Pattern using React Hooks

Sonny Recio on useState hook to create a functional container component.


Learn React 2020!

Make learning React your number 1 new year’s resolution!


7 steps to understand React Redux

Ibrahima Ndaw lists them in detail.


Understanding Compound Components in React

Aayush Jaiswal on how to use React compound components


How to build Electron apps with React

Wachira_Dev builds Electron in React.


Managing states in Vuejs: Vuex and Redux

Shanika Wickramasinghe on deciding between Vuex and Redux.


Create a React Chrome Extension to Filter YouTube Videos

Jsmanifest creates a Chrome extension in React using create-react-app.


Client-side image upload in React

Asim Dahal builds a simple image uploader.


Chrome Extension starter kit built with React

Alexander Schwartzberg makes use of React, TypeScript, SCSS, Bootstrap, EsLint, Prettier & Webpack.


A Year of React: 2019 in Review

Selbekk reviews all the React news of 2019.


React for Absolute Noobs: A 7 day guide

Karan Singh lays out a plan to learn React.

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