Welcome to issue 192.

This week we use the React Testing Library, maintainable React Forms, build React Games with Redux and more!


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Spend the lockdown learning React

Make use of this downtime learning React.


Testing React apps with React Testing Library [A How-To Guide]

Thomlom’s epic guide to React Testing.


React Hook Form — An Elegant Solution to Forms in React

Mahesh Haldar on how to use react-hook-form to build clear and maintainable React forms.


How to Maximize Reusability For Your React Components

Jsmanifest goes in-depth.


Clicker Game Project with React and Redux

Carlos Casciano build React Games with Redux.


3 Ways To Theme React Components

Chidume Nnamdi shows how.


Chat app using react-native-paper

Aman Mittal explains.


Building resizable React component using custom React Hooks

Kasra Khosravi talks React Hooks.


Introducing Crank.js

A framework for creating JSX-driven components with functions, promises and generators.


React Performance Optimization with React.memo()

Felix Gerschau on React Perf with React Memo.


Animating React with React Transition Group

Paige Niedringhaus shows a handy React animation library.

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