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Welcome to issue 20.

This week we get to learn all about Animation in React Native, learn about React Motion, use GraphQL in an elegant way and much more!


Learn Arduino


Using React-Native-Router-Flux with Redux

If you’re coming to React Native from a web background like me, you’re probably familiar with React-Router.


React Native: Cross Platform Code Reuse

One of the great advantages to using React Native is that your mobile code can be mostly written in JavaScript. From that, you can minimize a lot of duplicate code by simply sharing logic across web and mobile versions of an application.


GraphQL: An elegant way to request data

This article is targeted to people who want to discover GraphQL, the query language developed by Facebook.


Building a GraphQL API in Rails

First things first, the best way to learn GraphQL is by practising GraphQL.


The Evolution of Redux Action Creators

So, what is redux? Redux is a predictable state container for JavaScript apps.


React-Native: Single day build and deploy

Last weekend a friend of mine Bevan Rudge and I set out to build our first React Native app


Should you store your form state in Redux?

Use React state for things that don’t matter globally, and use Redux for state that does matter.


Microsoft Word documents: The Relay Way

What if you could bridge Word, GraphQL and JavaScript to help you with these chores?


Animating particles using React Motion

While working on a personal open-source project, I faced quite a few challenges to get particles animating correctly between each Docker container.


Playing with React Native Animations

We will experiment a little bit with the React Native Animated API. We’ll create a few bars that animate in and constantly change their size.
That’s it for the 20th edition of the best weekly ReactJS, React Native & GraphQL Newsletter!
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