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Welcome to issue 222.

This week we learn speed up React dev, use React Ant-Patterns, checkout React Colorful and more!


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10 Ways to Speed Up React Development

Sam Winter lists them.


3 React Patterns That Can Be Anti-Patterns

Ian Ker-Seymer lays them out.


React Colorful: A Minimalist and Fast Alternative to React Color

Nathan Sebhastian explores.


React: How I learned to create optimized contexts

Thomas Juster also stopped worrying about the bomb.


Getting started with radioactive state in React

Lawrence Oputa gets us started.


Mock APIs: Different Techniques for React and Angular

Shashikala Parakramasinghe shows how.


Your reference guide to using TypeScript in React

Chidume Nnamdi explains.


A developer’s guide to designing accessible websites

Habdul Hazeez gives an epic guide.


Announcing Gatsby’s new File System Route API

Gatsby’s new update.


Building a movie search app in React

Roberta Akoto shows how.

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