Welcome to issue 262!

This week we use Atomic React, Refactor JS, learn better Web Design and more!

Introduction to Atomic Layout for React Applications

Nathan Sebhastian creates grid-based layout for React components.

Improve async network state handling with custom React Hooks

Caleb Mathew explains.

August’s best React course!

Refactoring JavaScript: Common Problems & How to Fix Them

Fernando Doglio on 5 things your JS code should never have.

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How to make realtime APIs with NodeJS and ReactJS using Socket.io

Omar Diaaeldine Elwakeel uses Design Patterns.

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Designing for the Unexpected

Cathy Dutton gives an epic guide.

Don’t Let Carousels Kill Your Application

Isuri Devindi on Website carousel best practices for images and banners.

7 most common web design mistakes according to psychology

Gert Svaiko lists them.

Storing credentials using react-native-keychain

Akshay Rana stores user credentials in a React Native.

Astro: Build faster apps with less JavaScript

Sean Davis introduces Astro, the newest static site generator.

The ultimate guide to Vue Router

Iniubong Obonguko implements routing in Vue.

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