Welcome to issue 263!

This week we structure React, design patterns in JS, learn clean frontend architecture and more!

How I structure my React projects

Lars Wächter gives their workflow.

Design Patterns in JavaScript

Zeeshan Haider Shaheen gives 20+ Design Patterns explanation in JavaScript.

Best React course in Sep 21!

Clean Architecture on Frontend

Alex gives an epic guide.

5 React performance optimization techniques

Ibadehin Mojeed discusses them.

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Common NPM Mistakes Every Developer Should Avoid

Bhagya Vithana helps you avoid common mistakes.

Using Redux Toolkit’s createAsyncThunk

Chinwike Maduabuchi tells us more.

Creating custom themes with Tailwind CSS

Simohamed Marhraoui uses Tailwind for themes.

A deep dive into Lefthook for React and React Native

Zain Sajjad takes a deep dive.

Sharing code with React Native for Web

Aman Mittal makes use of Parcel.

Create a search bar in React from scratch

Georgey V B makes a React search.

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