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Welcome to issue 27.

This week we review the best React Native books in 2017, use navigation in React Native, learn all about Redux and much more!


Learn JSON


What’s Happening with Navigation in React Native?

When I began learning React Native the docs and developers said that to handle navigation…


3 Things I Learned About Working with Data in Redux

Scaling for Redux Applications


React Native for dinosaurs

Fair warning, this is a cathartic tale. I am old and in the field of software engineering, nothing makes me feel older than Javascript in 2017.


Hot Reloading + create-react-app

Without pressing that big shiny red eject button


Converting a React App to React Native

React Native is by far the best experience in mobile development I have had so far.


First Steps in gRPC Bindings for React Native

When you want to use gRPC in your React Native app there is no official support yet, but that shouldn’t stop you!


The next step for realtime data in GraphQL

There’s now an open RFC for subscriptions in the spec!


Redux 4 Ways

Implementations of Thunk vs Saga vs Observable vs Redux Promise Middleware in 10 minutes.


How to use Redux on highly scalable javascript applications?

Redux composition and encapsulation at large scale


That’s it for the newest edition of the best weekly ReactJS, React Native & GraphQL Newsletter!

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