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Welcome to issue 66.

Black Friday! 
This week we improve our React performance, check out talks from GraphQL Summit, use React Native on iPhone X,  take a look at the best Black Friday developer tutorials at the lowest prices and much more!



Learn Three.js


A review of common React performance pitfalls and how to avoid them


Let’s build — and then play — a game.


30 talks with new tech, production stories, and GraphQL advice


Our Experience with Creating Reusable Functional Components with React, Redux, and Redux-Loop.


The release of the new iPhone X and the implications that it carried out.


Have you ever heard about the great scalability of react applications?


Learn to Use Visual Studio App Center to Automatically Build and Distribute Your React Native App


What do you know about Dependency Injection ?”


Since the last year, the Class Properties Proposal simplify our life.


The popularity of React seems to be ever growing.


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